Featuring Artistic Director Finalist, Scott Seaton 

What do the Beatles and Hector Berlioz have in common? Both wrote passionately about love; the Beatles did it so well that they amassed millions of obsessed fans over five decades. Hector’s inspiration for his monumental Symphonie Fantastique was the love for… err, the obsession over the actress Harriet Smithson. The result was a powerful masterpiece that gained the love of music-lovers for nearly two-hundred years. No concert about love would be complete without the power of dance, in this case the Tango por una cabeza made famous in Scent of a Woman. The performance opens with one of Leonard Bernstein’s most famous works, his Overture to Candide. This spirited overture represents an operetta based on a tale of love intertwined with an abundance of misadventures.