Signature Symphony Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Signature Symphony at TCC a professional or a college orchestra?

Professional.  Our residence status at TCC is an educational venture, but the Signature Symphony is a professional per service artistic ensemble, consisting of talented musicians from Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma. Many of our players work full-time in music, as music educators in Oklahoma’s public schools and universities, or as professional soloists or ensemble members in addition to their employment with Signature Symphony.

What does “Orchestra-in-Residence at TCC” mean?

This means that the Signature Symphony is housed with TCC’s VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education (PACE), and is an integral partner with TCC’s Performing Arts Institute and music education ventures.  Through this residency, Signature Symphony also provides a music education outreach on behalf of TCC to area public schools. Most importantly, the administrative support of Tulsa Community College since 1996 has allowed us to continue providing professional orchestral services to Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma (now for more than 30 years).

How long has the Signature Symphony existed?

Although the name has changed, the ensemble has served Tulsa in performance since 1978.  It was originally conceived as the Tulsa Little Symphony Orchestra, a chamber ensemble, and in the early ‘80s became known as Oklahoma Sinfonia, presenting a pops and light classics series at the Brady Theater. In 1996, the Sinfonia became orchestra-in-residence at Tulsa Community College and made the VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education its home. To further enhance its identification at Tulsa Community College, the name changed to Signature Symphony at TCC.

What is the Signature Symphony’s education outreach?

Education ventures include the Music Education Partnership with surrounding public schools, where we co-hire musicians to both perform and teach, and our free rehearsal Look-Ins, where students and the community interact with conductors and musicians.

How can I audition for the Signature Symphony or for the Signature Chorale?

Call 918-5957786 for information about orchestra .auditions. Call 918595-8620 for information about chorale auditionsEmail for additional information

Can students audition for the Signature Symphony?

Yes, instrumental students who qualify to play at a professional level are welcome to audition.

Where is the Signature Symphony at TCC office?

The Signature Symphony at TCC office is located on the TCC Southeast Campus (81st & Highway 169) in Room 6267F of the PACE Classrooms Building.

Signature Symphony at TCC
Room 6256A
10300 E. 81st St. Tulsa, OK  74133

P: 918-595-7786

Where is the ticket office?

The office is located at
VanTrease PACE (Building 6)
10300 E 81st Street
Tulsa, OK 74133-4513

Order tickets by phone by calling 918-595-7777.

Other questions? Call 918-595-7776