Since its formation in 1979, the Signature Symphony at TCC has been committed to providing rich musical experiences through its performances and valuable musical instruction through its outreach to support music education, aspiring musicians and engagement in our community.

Seedling Symphony

Young patron experiences music at the Seedling Symphony.

Seedling Symphony is a program developed by Signature Quartet musicians to raise the level of music exposure for early childhood by introducing young children six and under to complex and intricate music using string instruments. Seedling Symphony works with children in early learning centers throughout the Tulsa area, in addition to performances with hands-on activities open to the public twice a year.

Helpful Harmonies for Wellness

Senior citizen benefits from Signature Symphony music.

Helpful Harmonies for Wellness is a concert series focusing on sensory friendly performances, helping to bring communities and families closer and stimulating the pleasure sensors of the brain for people of all ages to promote good health and a positive outlook. Helpful Harmonies for Wellness venues include nursing homes, cancer treatment centers and Alzheimer’s centers.

Tulsa Sings!

Tulsa Sings! vocal competition was launched by Signature Symphony in 2017 as part of a year-long season exploring Tulsa’s music connections and highlighting talented vocalists from the Tulsa community. Each Tulsa Sings! competition provides the opportunity for finalists to work with and learn from experienced vocalists and have the opportunity to perform on the VanTrease PACE stage with Signature Symphony’s professional musicians and Broadway star Scott Coulter who helped develop the Tulsa Sings! competition and is instrumental in selecting and mentoring the finalists.

Free Open Rehearsals

Signature Symphony Open Rehearsals

Free Open Rehearsals is Signature Symphony’s most exciting music education engagement program. These events allow the audience to experience actual professional orchestra rehearsals and to know our conductor, musicians and guest artists as they prepare for upcoming concerts.

Open Rehearsals are scheduled 6:30 to 8:00 pm on Thursdays before the concert at the VanTrease PACE. See Upcoming Dates