2023-24 Tulsa Sings! Competition

‘Tulsa Sings! Best of Broadway’ Winner Chosen From 10 Talented Finalists

Rachel Miller was chosen as the grand prize winner among nine other finalists in front of hundreds at TCC’s VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education. With her win, Miller secured a coveted spot as the featured soloist for Signature Symphony’s “Christmas in Tulsa” concert.

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Tulsa Sings Finalists

Tulsa Sings Finalist Alexander Dupree.

Alexander Dupree

Dupree has loved the orchestra since he was little and is also a fan of musical theatre. “The first time I watched The Phantom of the Opera will always hold a special place in my heart. From the first note of the stupendous overture, my life was totally changed,” he says.

Tulsa Sings Finalist Ashtyn Marshall

Ashtyn Marshall

Marshall started singing in church as a very young girl, and has also played piano, flute, and clarinet. “When I was around 12-years-old, my grandparents took me to see Wicked and I thought to myself, ‘Now THAT’S what I want to do,’ so I started doing musical theater and haven’t stopped!”

Brandon Collins

Collins grew up in a very musical family, and after joining Band and learning multiple instruments, he gained a love of singing and became a band director. Truly a teacher at heart, one of his favorite musical memories is, “quite frankly, every performance I get to conduct my amazing students.”

Dionne White

White has always been drawn to music and recalls that as a child her mother would “sing with a voice that filled the room and sent you soaring.” She has performed in a variety of places, but now gets to fulfill an old wish— “My best friend would take me to the symphony to watch her mom perform… I remember thinking someday I want to be right there on stage with the Signature Symphony!”

L’aria Krautter

“My love for music feels like something that has always been there,” says Krautter, whose mother named her L’aria “in hopes that I would grow up and sing!” She remembers singing with her family as a child fondly and is excited to sing with people who have the same passion. “The energy and inspiration that that passion brings into a room is something I’ve never been able to quantify,” she says.

Megan Davis

“When I was a kid I would sing ‘Castle on a Cloud’ from Les Misérables and clean the floors in the kitchen, which is a great way to get kids to do chores,” says Davis, whose mother loves music and introduced her to a variety of genres as a child. Davis is looking forward to collaborating with other musicians at Tulsa Sings!, and says “in an age where so many instruments are computerized, I think the magic of musicians collaborating is even more incomparable than ever.”

Michael Beltran

Beltran has loved singing since he was a little kid and has been hooked on it since he worked on the act one finale, “More Gold,” of a musical he was in; “after a long rehearsal of soloing out each group, we put them all together, and it was magical to me.” He’s “extremely excited to sing with an entire symphony for [his] first time ever, and a local one at that!”

Rachel Miller

Miller, back for her second appearance on Tulsa Sings!, says “music has always lived in my heart… unless I’m sick or very sad, there is always a tune on my lips.”

“Now I’m busy with my own babies and have few opportunities to perform, yet my mom still asks what I’m doing ‘with singing’ because she knows how important it is to me.”

Regan Clapper

Clapper got into music very young; “my mom introduced me to Phantom of the Opera when I was around 3 years old, and I immediately became obsessed. [She] tells stories of me watching that musical 24/7 to the point where my uncle changed the language to French because he was so tired of it (I learned it in French too.)” She has continued to pursue music throughout her life, and “aspire[s] every day to help someone else find the same joy in music that [she] did.”

Tulsa Sings Finalist Syndey May

Sydney May

May grew up in a household so full of musicians, they “had the unique family rule of ‘no singing at the dinner table!’” She has always “been a huge musical theatre fanatic” and is especially excited to be a part of Tulsa Sings!: Best of Broadway after a throat surgery that made her think, “I truly didn’t think I would ever have the confidence to perform solo again. Thankfully, with amazing vocal coaches, a lot of practice, and a lot of patience, I am finally feeling like my voice belongs to me again!”

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