Ben Hay, Trumpet
sonata for trumpet and launchpad
Adam Cuthbért (b.1988)

  • autoshifter
  • zenbu no hikari
  • still life with synthetic flora

Commissioned in 2013 by Dr. John Adler of the University of Northern Colorado, sonata for trumpet and launchpad was written for solo trumpet and Ableton Live software. Ableton Live is a popular digital audio workstation (DAW for short) commonly used by DJs, producers, performers, and composers. The “launchpad” referenced in the title is a device with which the performer can trigger different pre-programmed musical events in the software. The trumpet’s sound is processed through Ableton and can be changed through different filters, similar to effects pedals for an electric guitar. These filters can also be triggered and changed through the use of the launchpad. Cuthbért’s training in college was in composition and trumpet performance, and that is reflected in his innovative use of the instrument throughout this work.