Unheard yet Heard
Maurice Ravel Sonata for Violin and Piano “Posthume” 13′
Louise Farrenc Piano Quintet No. 2 in E major 31’  

Chamber Music Concert with Artistic Director Finalist, Scott Seaton 

Artist Director Finalist, Scott Seaton will curate this concert of Signature Symphony musicians featured in a more intimate and personal setting, allowing them to perform safely with physical distancing guidelines in place. The streaming nature of these concerts will give you (our patrons) an up-close vantage point not possible in a full orchestra concert in a large hall; everyone will have a front row seat. 

Even a composer as well-known as Maurice Ravel had to start from somewhere; in this performance, we explore Ravel’s first and least known sonata. The “Posthume” sonata was a very underperformed work, but a work that created the foundation for the Maurice Ravel that we have come to know and loveThe evening concludes with Louise Farrenc and her Second Piano Quintet, a work that masterfully showcases all the lushness of the blossoming Romantic Era and flowing melodic lines that might just sound familiar!

This concert will also feature Signature Symphony Concertmaster Maureen O’Boyle performing solo violin pieces.