As one of the first opera composers from African heritage, Joseph Bologne created a body of work that includes operas, violin concertos, symphony concertantes, symphonies and chamber music. An accomplished violinist, Bologne was also a master swordsman and rose to the rank of Colonel in the French Revolution.

Martínez Compañón, an 18th century Peruvian bishop, gathered both musical and tangible works of art that would have otherwise been forgotten if not for his efforts. Though the music is far different from the European works at the time, the styles merge in rhythm in what can only be defined as a collective musical enlightenment.

Mozart is like Shakespeare or Da Vinci: a name that encompasses the very essence of the art they pursued. His final masterpiece, Requiem, was left unfinished as he passed away. But thanks to Franz Süssmayr the work was completed. And like Mozart himself, this work is a legend in its own right.

The talent of the Tulsa Opera Resident Artists and Signature Chorale will accompany tonight’s performance as we showcase the fullness of melodic experience.

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